Physical Therapy at Home Helps You Heal Faster!

Heal more quickly with the convenience of physical therapy at home.

Physical therapy at home helps you heal faster. Detroit Michigan area - Comprehensive Home Healthcare There is no need to travel to a therapist’s office with physical therapy at home! The energy you conserve can be spent on getting stronger so you’re back on your feet faster.

In-home physical therapy is especially important if you need help with basic movements. Daily tasks are hard enough, but travelling on top of it can be unbearable. Getting in a car, walking into the office or even sitting in a waiting room can be painful.

The benefits of home healthcare, including physical therapy, are plentiful. Not only can you heal in the comfort of home, but it’s convenient and often times more affordable. Medicare covers physical therapy at home in many cases too.

Basic movements like walking, grasping, sitting, standing, getting in and out of bed, maneuvering through the house, climbing stairs and entering/exiting a car can be greatly improved with the help of physical therapy.

Physical Therapy at Home:

  • Increases flexibility and balance
  • Improves coordination
  • Builds strength
  • Expands range of motion
  • Advances body mechanics
  • Corrects posture
  • Develops endurance

To begin, a professional physical therapist will fully evaluate your condition, history, environment and goals.  A course of treatment will be planned, and will also involve your doctor or in-home nurse if needed. Be sure you understand the plan and why it will benefit you in the long run. You should get input on the plan too! You program should include education about your condition and possible causes, instruction and exercises and other ways you can actively participate in the healing process.

No matter if it’s due to illness, surgery, accident or a usual part of aging, in home physical therapy helps you get you back on your feet again, from the security of home.

Comprehensive Home Healthcare’s certified physical therapists help you heal faster in the comfort of your home in the Detroit Michigan area – no travelling required!

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