Medicare Home Health Care Checklist

Medicare Certified Home HealthcareThe Official Handbook for Medicare Home Health Care has all kinds of great information, including this handy checklist for evaluating and monitoring the care you receive at home.

Once you find a visiting nurse, home health aide or home care agency that you’re comfortable with, it’s a good idea to review their performance once and a while. An objective look at the care you receive will help you identify areas where things are great, and others that could be improved.

This is a great tool to use when communicating with your agency about what you’d like to change.

Medicare Home Care Checklist

  1. The staff is polite and treat myself, my family and my home with respect.
  2. The staff explains my care plan with myself and my family, allows us to participate in creating the plan, and let us know of changes in advance.
  3. The staff is properly trained and licensed to perform the type of health care I need.
  4. The agency explains what to do if I have a problem with the staff or care I receive.
  5. The agency explains what to do if I have a problem with the staff or the care I’m receiving.
  6. The agency responds quickly to my requests.
  7. The staff checks my physical and emotional condition at each visit.
  8. The staff checks my home and suggests changes to meet my special needs and to ensure my safety.
  9. The staff has told me what to do if I have an emergency.
  10. The agency and its staff protect my privacy.

Feel free to add your own criteria too, after all, your home care should be personalized to your needs!

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