In Home Healthcare

Exceptional Medical Care for loved ones in the comfort and convenience of home.

In-Home nurses, home health aides, in-home therapy and more by caring, skilled medical professionals at Comprehensive Home Healthcare. 


Home healthcare services make life easier for your loved ones, and you, by easing the burden of travelling to appointments.

It comes with peace of mind that medical needs are addressed by professionals, in the relaxed atmosphere of home.

At Comprehensive Home Healthcare, we provide many types of home health care services in the Detroit, Michigan area. Contact us for a consultation >


In-Home Healthcare in the
Detroit Michigan Area

In-Home Nursing

Home nurses travel in the greater Detroit area providing exceptional medical care from the comfort of home. They ease the burden of travelling to appointments and provide a more relaxed atmosphere for your loved ones.


In-Home Health Aides

Providing medical care and hygiene assistance, basic house work and general support for your loved ones, our home health aides are friendly, professional and ready to help.


In-Home Therapy

In-home therapy is a great way to get well without the hassles, and often physical pain, of travelling to an appointment. Comprehensive Home Healthcare offers in-home physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy services.


Medical Social Workers

Helping you and your loved ones to make important medical decisions from the comfort of home! Our expert medical social workers help understand your options and make the right healthcare choices as a family.


In-Home Laboratory Services

Basic, doctor-ordered blood work and other tests can be done without leaving the house. Our home nurses and health aides come to your home so you don’t need to travel.


Medical Supplies Delivered

Comprehensive Home Healthcare can order and deliver many types of physician-ordered medical supplies to your home.


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The Benefits of In-Home Healthcare

Home healthcare is the most satisfying experience for patients and has been proven most effective time after time in research studies.

Many medical services that used to be done only at a medical facility can now be done in the comfort of home thanks to current technology.

Our patients have expressed many benefits of home healthcare services, which are outlined here. We invite you to read on, and do your research, then contact us for a consultation.

The Feeling of ‘HOME’ – Home is relaxed, comfortable and much more positive-feeling than a medical office. When you’re feeling ill, you just want to be at home, and that’s right where you should be. Instead of increasing levels of stress and anxiety like hospitals or doctor offices, home healthcare does the opposite, helping to focus on relief and recovery.

Preventing or Postponing Institutionalization – Nursing homes used to be the only way to receive for patients to receive the care they need, but few want to go there. In-home healthcare is a wonderful alternative in many cases, with many studies proving that people actual heal faster and more fully at home.

Independence for the Elderly – Feeling helpless and alone is common with elderly people and no one wants that for their loved ones. Home healthcare professionals give independence and social interaction while providing a safe, comfortable environment.

Maximum Freedom – Care at home provides much more freedom than a facility’s regimented schedules and rules. With the help of in-home healthcare services, you continue living life on your terms.

Active Involvement in Healthcare Decisions – With home healthcare, patients and their families are educated on how to actively participate in decisions that affect their care. Learn how to get well, and stay that way.

Special People Take Care of You – Home healthcare professionals see their jobs as a ‘calling’, like they were meant to do it. It’s not a job at all. Highly-trained in-home nurses, therapists and aides are dedicated to caring for their patients in the best way possible.

Home Care is Affordable – Home healthcare services typically cost one-tenth of hospitalization and one-fourth of nursing home care to deal with similar medical issues. Not only is it less expensive than hospitals or nursing facilities, it also cuts down travel expenses significantly.

In-Home Healthcare Extends Life – Getting well at home adds both “years to life” and “life to years”. A study by the US General Accounting Office shows that people who receive care at home tend to live longer, with a better quality of life.

Medicare Beneficiaries can receive in-home healthcare at NO COST to the person needing care.