Home Health Care is a Continued Trend in Michigan

Medical care at home is one of the top trends in medicine right now as baby boomers age, and Affordable Care Act comes alive.

According to a Health Affairs Blog article from Feb 2014 called “The Changing Health Care World: Trends to Watch in 2014”, the market for home health care will double from $11.6 billion in 2011 to $27.3 billion in 2016.

At-home healthcare has many benefits to the patient, including more comfort and convenience for them and their families.

It is also typically much more affordable than office visits or institutional care.

Plus, home health care services can be expanded more easily and cost-efficiently than traditional medical establishments as the patient-to-caregiver ratio grows.

Growing Trend of In Home Health care Services in Detroit MichiganAs the population of baby boomers in Michigan grows, they need more medical services. This is causing the demand for doctors, skilled nurses, health aides and medical social workers to grow right along with the population.

Helping our seniors with healthcare at home gives them the expert care they need, without the overhead expense of a medical office, lab or hospital. This reduces some of the strain on the already-overloaded system, by avoiding the cost of office visits or hospital stays and the costs associated with them.

In addition, the Affordable Care act is about to provide millions of people with health insurance, possibly for the first time ever. The added demand this will create for all types of medical services can be eased with at home care, instead of in-hospital care that is so expensive. Patients and taxpayers will agree that home healthcare is a great option!


At-home medical care is also ideal for:

Chronic care: For chronic conditions that require long-term medical care, so much energy and time is used for doctor visits, pharmacy and equipment pick-ups and therapy appointments. Time and energy that is much better spent on caring for yourself and managing your condition.

Comfort and Convenience: Your home is more comfortable and convenient than a cold medical office, and you reduce the risk of coming in contact with the viruses and bacteria that are so common in hospitals. No matter if you need long-term care, help with recovery from surgery or physical therapy, home healthcare is always more convenient than travelling to appointments.

Patient Satisfaction: The benefits of home healthcare are praised over and over from the most important people in the medical system – the patients!! It makes them more comfortable and able to remain independent, is efficient, less expensive and overall better than the care in a facility.

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